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This Lesson will introduce you to the OJAYA Deep Meditation Course. Enjoy! — Gary Boucherle, Director of the OJAYA School

Prep Talk 3

OJAYA - the Martial Art of Deep Meditation - the Way of the Lotus-Hearted Hero

We’re so happy to see you here!


Today we enter two characters for our session:

The monk. And the householder. Two kinds of people with some common goals, and some very different goals.

In Part 3 of Prep Talk 3, you’ll now learn long-lost teachings that may run askew to a meditation method you might have learned elsewhere.

These traditional teachings have been quietly known for centuries — yet these points are virtually unknown to the general public who often practice modern “watered-down” versions of ancient meditation techniques.

This is a very important and revealing session, so let’s get right to it …



The OJAYA technique of mantra meditation holds rare secrets to inner happiness and outer success — both.

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Prep Talk 3

The Forgotten Knowledge of
Monk & the Householder

25 minutes

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Young Man meditates on the River Ganges

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