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Gary Boucherle

The OJAYA Dharma Sangha
in the Earthborn Rainforest

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I’m a beginner.

I want to learn the most powerful, super easy meditation technique that gives me quick energy, cool emotional balance and deep inner calm.

I’ve got anxiety.

I live with terrible anxiety on a daily basis. I’ve tried everything to become naturally calm without drugs, but nothing has worked. I’m wondering if my mind will ever be totally at peace.

I’m tired and depressed.

My energy level is low and I’m not motivated to do anything — even meditation. There’s little joy or happiness in my daily life and I just feel exhausted all the time.

I want to open my heart.

I want to experience a deep heart awakening. I want to love all people and have selfless compassion that flows deep in my soul. This is what meditation means to me.

I want the power of “now”

I can never hang onto my own personal “power of now” for very long. The “now” is very elusive. How can I finally be “in the now” and gain my true powers of consciousness?

I’ve done mindfulness.

But now I want to go beyond guided meditations and repeating superficial phrases like “May my mind be at ease.” I want to experience the classic heart-nourishing techniques of pure mindful serenity.

I’m experienced.

I’ve been around the block with other meditations. Now I want to take everything I know to the next level. I’m ready to stop talking about it and experience a true, deep inner awakening.

I’m pretty jaded.

I’ve tried other meditation and mindfulness techniques — and nothing has ever really worked for me. I want the true, authentic, classic techniques of deep blissful meditation. But now I’m highly skeptical, so you’ll have to prove it to me!

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