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Blissful woman meditates with the OJAYA mantra to calm anxiety.

The ancient OJAYA Armor technique quickly develops serene energy and core inner strength to uplift your entire life.

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Ojaya Deep Meditation Course

An Epic Journey of Sublime Knowledge & Blissful Experience

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OJAYA - the Martial Art of Deep Meditation - the Way of the Lotus-Hearted Hero
An Epic Journey of Sublime Knowledge
& Blissful Experience with Sukaishi David
in the Earthborn Rainforest

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N Sukaishi David will personally monitor your progress throughout the Course and provide you with phone and email support — if you should ever need it. (Lessons are simple and easy.)

N Halfway through your Course, Sukaishi David will personally meet with you by phone, Skype or Zoom — to see how you’re doing and answer any questions. This is a personal, private meeting with Sukaishi!

N Special Graduation Sessions:

After you have completed the entire OJAYA Deep Meditation Course and you have experienced and appreciated the power and depth of the OJAYA Armor Technique for yourself, you will then be honored with a special Graduation session where you’ll receive your Title of Honor Certificate — to certify your mastery of the ancient OJAYA Martial Art of Deep Meditation.

You’ll also receive a personal, private Graduation meeting with Sukaishi David via phone, Skype, or Zoom — where you will have another opportunity to share your experiences and ask any remaining questions you might have.

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Course Preview

Produced in the Earthborn Rainforest

Sukaishi David teaches OJAYA Deep Meditation in the Earthborn Rainforest

I Will Personally Share with You the
OJAYA Deep Meditation Technique with Our Unique Step-by-Step Approach

No one else teaches meditation like we do here in the Earthborn Rainforest. It’s absolutely easy and fun — and you’ll feel great joy when you discover why OJAYA “takes longer than 15 minutes” to learn …

… and why people say they don’t want the Course to ever end.

I’m looking forward to sharing this extraordinary technique with you as we embark together on this epic journey of sublime knowedge and blissful experience

After trekking the globe for decades, I’ll share many wondrous secrets with you that are utterly unknown in any other meditation school you see today.

I’m looking foward to personally meeting you on this grand adventure to experience this exhilarating technique — and the serene energy that overflows into your life … as you too fall in love with the OJAYA Deep Meditation technique.

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Sukaishi David

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Course Contents

OJAYA - the Martial Art of Deep Meditation - the Way of the Lotus-Hearted Hero

Develop a powerful Armor of clear, calm energy and core inner strength to uplift your entire life.

You will also receive TWO personal, private opportunities to meet with Sukaishi David via phone, Skype, or Zoom.

A note from an OJAYA
Course Graduate


Whenever I experience something beautiful, I am with Soul.

These are not my words but they describe exactly how I feel and how I felt during this incredible journey that came into my life as an unexpected gift and brought me so much joy.

Now I move through my day-to-day life with a sense of appreciation and gratitude that comes from knowing how fortunate I truly was for having this amazing experience.

I wouldn’t be here now if I had asked myself too many questions about the Course. I trusted my heart instead, I enrolled, and look what a wonderful journey I made.

You are right, we have travelled far together.

In those powerful video modules every aspect of your teachings is profoundly rich, everything was in its time, an impeccable presentation of knowledge and, especially, I appreciate your interest that your teachings are well mastered by the student.

You take compassionate care of everyone and everything. You gave me a remarkable example of passionate commitment to the path and I was able to expand and deepen my mind, heart and soul. Now we all know that we were in the hands of a master teacher, because we learned from Sukaishi.

Thank you for your deep wisdom and generosity!

P.S. The proper definition of the Lessons: “Mind shattering teachings on the background of breathtaking music.” You feel like you’ve fallen in love with life, like never before.

Many hugs,

— Raia Vicolov
Tulcea, Romania

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