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This Lesson will introduce you to the OJAYA Deep Meditation Course. Enjoy! — Gary Boucherle, Director of the OJAYA School

Prep Talk 3

OJAYA - the Martial Art of Deep Meditation - the Way of the Lotus-Hearted Hero

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The word mantra is used today in many different ways.

People today often consider a mantra as an inspiring phrase or affirmation, such as “May my mind be at peace.” Such words help to give solace to many people in our modern, frenzied world.

But the word mantra has an ancient, much deeper meaning when it comes to classic technique for deep meditation.

Powerful meditation mantras are not composed of awe-inspiring ideas in the English language, but instead are organic sounds in the language of Nature that deeply resonate in your consciousness. Mantras enliven countless beneficial energies within you. 

In this talk, we’ll clarify some points about mantras used for deep meditation

What about “made up” mantras? And do you think that out-of-tune music can “tune up” your consciousness?

Let’s see …


Long ago, the ancient Masters discovered the classic, authentic mantras — beautiful sounds in the language of Nature. But people today sometimes create funny new ideas about how to meditate better with “modern technology.”

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Prep Talk 3

Mantras: the Language of Nature

11 minutes

Young Man meditates on the River Ganges

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