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This Lesson will introduce you to the OJAYA Deep Meditation Course. Enjoy! — Gary Boucherle, Director of the OJAYA School

Prep Talk 3

OJAYA - the Martial Art of Deep Meditation - the Way of the Lotus-Hearted Hero

We’re so happy to see you here!

Welcome to OJAYA — in the Earthborn Rainforest!

Throughout the ages, what do you think is the #1 most powerful meditation technique out there? And why?

What did the ancient meditation masters advise as the #1 most effective technique for peace of mind?

How does breath meditation compare with mantra meditation?

And … while we’re at it, how do mantras actually work, anyway?

Today we’re going to learn some essential knowledge about deep meditation. After trekking the world for over 40 years, I did not find these teachings adequately explained in any of the “popularized” schools you see these days — see The Story of OJAYA.

In this Lesson we’ll learn how the ancient OJAYA technique uses the power of mantras to uplift and support your health, happiness and success in life. There are finer points here that are rarely known to those who practice meditation.

We’re now laying the foundation of the traditional OJAYA teachings, which you will begin to appreciate more and more as we continue our journey together …



On the path of OJAYA there are many secrets — and surprises along the way!

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

— Nikola Tesla

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Prep Talk 3

How the Power of Mantra
Enlivens Your Energy for
Happiness, Health & Success

29 minutes

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See a quick summary of these Lesson points:

Is Your Mantra Organic?
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Young Man meditates on the River Ganges

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