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Meditate for Organics!

This past week we discovered something rather astonishing: a tropical rainforest amidst the cornfields of … rural Iowa!

Yes, there are exotic birds flying around, waterfalls, mango trees, bananas, papayas, you name it — all in a lush quarter-acre jungle setting — in Iowa!

We found the Earthborn Rainforest quietly hidden in a “Field of Dreams,” and we learned that they are a new grassroots movement on a mission to spread the knowledge of organics, green living and natural health.

They have now produced their first online video course — OJAYA Deep Meditation — where you can learn the secrets of classic deep meditation by watching these simple video lessons. The videos are soothing and sublime, and you’ll feel the sense of peace, serenity and beauty that we felt as we strolled along these jungle pathways.

You can sign up for a free starter meditation course, or you can go for the whole enchilada and purchase the complete OJAYA Deep Meditation Course.

And when you click this link below, 50% of your course fee will be donated to Organic Consumers Association — even if you begin with the free starter course and then later decide to take the paid course.

Either way, be sure to check it out. It’s something you’ve really got to see for yourself!

Everyone welcomes you to the Earthborn Rainforest.

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