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Is your mantra

And what exactly is a
meditation mantra,

Here are 21 important things you need to know:

A Sword of Truth Lesson

by Sukaishi David

Is your

And what exactly is a
meditation mantra,

Here are 21 important things you need to know:

A Sword of Truth Lesson

Sukaishi David

And what exactly is a
meditation mantra,

Here are 21 important things you need to know:


The word mantra means: tool of thought.

Throughout the ages, mantras are the #1 tool to quickly attain extremely deep, blissful meditation.


Mantra is a Sanskrit word …

… from ancient India, where it comes to us in the first place. But mantras themselves are not Sanskrit, or Japanese, or English … or any other world language, because …


Mantras are the organic sounds of Nature.

A mantra is a series of simple, beautiful sounds whispered by Mother Nature herself.

Mantras are the organic language of Nature.

Next time you're walking in the forest, listen carefully. Mother Nature is humming all around you with the soothing sounds … of mantras!


Mantras were discovered ...

… in the deep green forests by ancient sages, as they sat immersed in the tranquility of their meditations.

An example of what they heard is the familiar “OM” mantra.


Mantras work rapidly through their power of resonance — like music.

As you meditate on the sound of an organic mantra, your consciousness resonates to a coherent state in just a few minutes. You get infused with peace, energy, and renewed enthusiasm.


Mantras are not affirmations.

Many people think that mantras are phrases such as "May my mind be at ease." However, these are not actually mantras — these are called affirmations.

Mantras are not concepts, ideas or peaceful self-talk. Mantras work solely on the principle of resonance.

In music, what is the “meaning” of a Mozart symphony? Whether it’s Mozart or mantras, it's the resonance that creates the harmony within you.

Affirmations have their value, but they lock your mind onto the surface thinking levels and do not take you to the deepest, quiet, blissful depths of your inner Self.

For this, you need a true mantra.


Mantras have flavors!

Like music, every mantra vibrates differently to produce its own unique positive effects in your mind, your heart, and your entire system.


Mantras pull you inwards.

The pure, soothing resonance of a mantra allows you to fully relax your mind and body.

With proper technique, the mantra gently guides your awareness inwards — a deep, refreshing dive into the calm ocean of your Being.

This unique ability to effortlessly draw you inwards is a key reason why mantras are favored throughout the centuries as the #1 technique for easy, blissful, deep meditation.


Mantras penetrate deep.

When you know the ancient, authentic secrets of correct use, a potent mantra has great power to penetrate deep within your subtle nerves — called nadis.

Certain special “top tier” Armor mantras work to cleanse, unblock and energize the entire electrical network that connects your body, mind, and emotions.


Mantras remove brain fog and mind chatter.

Silent mindfulness of a powerful mantra quickly dissolves the frenzy in your brain and creates a soothing comfort throughout your entire body and being.

Your mind becomes clear and calm.


Mantras are restful ...

Mantras coax you deep within to a profound state of deep rest called samadhi — that is far deeper than your sleep at night.

This exquisite level of rest rejuvenates you with dynamic energy in 10-20 minutes.


Anti-anxiety "Armor" mantras shield and protect you

If you feel anxious, there is a reason for it.

Classic meditation masters say your inner harmony has become disturbed. Like the grating sounds of an out-of-tune orchestra, you will naturally feel tension and strain whenever your inner harmony is broken.

These ancient masters have a simple and easy remedy ...

... the "Armor" mantra ...


The OJAYA Deep Meditation Course was produced here at our School in the Earthborn Rainforest.

The ancient OJAYA technique uses a powerful "top-tier"anti-anxiety Armor mantra that probes your deepest depths with its calm, penetrating resonance.

These soothing, healing sounds work to quickly retune and reharmonize your entire system.

The anxiety dissolves and evaporates.

The ancient sages advise Armor mantras as the #1 fastest way to defeat anxiety and empower you with serene energy.


Mantras cannot be
learned from books.

Beware if you try to pick up a mantra from a book.

If you see the letter A, then how are you supposed to pronounce it? Is it “eh” as in “ray”? “Ah” as in “father”? “Aah” as in “apple”? Or is it “uh” as in “attunement”?

The correct sound matters.


Don’t be a mantra guinea pig.

It is unwise to make up your own mantra or use some unknown nonsense sound. We have no clue what effect that sound will eventually have on your nervous system.

Better to stick with classic, authentic mantras.


The OJAYA Deep Meditation Course was produced here at our School in the Earthborn Rainforest.


Mantras awaken you ...

With daily dips into the restful, tranquil depths of your inner Self, something new happens ...

... The deeper levels of your consciousness begin to wake up.

New talents and fresh creative energies emerge within you as you experience ever deeper revelations and insights.

Higher states of realization dawn within your awareness.


Mantras are the fast track ...

... to health, happiness, and higher states of consciousness.

Mantra meditation is far superior to generic breath practices ... because mantras introduce a brand new energizing resonance into your awareness — that wasn't there before.

This power of energizing resonance is why meditation masters through the ages have declared mantra meditation as the supreme inner technology — the #1 fast track to health and happiness.

Breath Meditation practices and "watching the breath" are the "slow boat"

A. Breath practices are generic methods — a basic technology of meditation that requires a longer time to achieve results.

B. "Watching the breath" doesn't add any advanced technology to your meditation. (You're always breathing anyway.)

C. With constant efforts to focus on the breath, it takes longer to settle your mind — deep within — to attain the fruits of meditation.

Mantra meditation is the fast track for quick results.

A. Mantras are the advanced technology of meditation.

B. The OJAYA Armor Mantra adds a new energizing and harmonizing resonance to your consciousness that wasn't there before — the easiest, highest technology of deep meditation to develop core inner strength.

C. Silent mindfulness of the mantra gently and effortlessly pulls you inwards to calm your mind and rejuvenate you with serene, blissful energy — in 10-20 minutes.

Mantras are the fast track!


Are you a monk?

Most people do not realize that mantras are categorized as “monk mantras” and “householder mantras.”

Householder mantras are for people who want deep inner peace along with outer success in life. These expansive mantras support the goals of families, business people, the arts and sciences, and those who want to enjoy and share happiness with others.

Monk mantras gradually create a detached and reclusive state of mind, and are best suited to people with cloistered objectives.

Big surprise for many people: The ancient sages classify “OM” as a monk mantra (which is why it is most often suggested by monks).

Powerful householder mantras are advised for people who lead dynamic, active lifestyles. Especially ...


The "Hero" Mantra

The OJAYA Armor Mantra is also known as the "Mantra of Heroes."

In addition to intensive anxiety relief, this rarest of mantras develops the esteemed qualities of valor, inner strength, calm emotional balance and heartfelt compassion.

The OJAYA "Mantra of Heroes"protects your mind and emotions as it aggressively attacks and dissolves stress — so you can meet the challenges in your everyday life head-on ... with an armor of clear, calm, dynamic energy.

On the OJAYA Deep Meditation Course, you will learn this rare Ojaya Armor Mantra  — one of the great essential secrets of this ancient technique.


Mantra benefits add up!

The longer you meditate with a mantra, the blissful energies soon accumulate and strengthen — deep inside you — to support your goals and higher achievements in your life.



Mantra Meditation
is much more ...

... than merely closing your eyes and thinking a mantra.

Without proper technique, the mantra won't resonate deep within you.

It's super easy, but there's an ART to it!


Our takeaway for today:

Mantras hold many secrets that you will cherish forever ... which you will now learn 100% online when you enroll in the OJAYA Deep Meditation Course ...

Sukaishi David

Sukaishi David is the loving founder of the OJAYA School of Deep Meditation, headquartered in the Earthborn Rainforest.

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Sukaishi David

Sukaishi David teaches meditation in the Earthborn Rainforest
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Sukaishi David has a 46-year history of teaching deep meditation and holistic health.

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The ancient principles of OJAYA also mirror the timeless principles of the physical martial arts — like karate, kung fu, or tai chi. However, OJAYA is practiced sitting silently and is easy for anyone of any age.

OJAYA is the Martial Art of Inner Self-Defense.

On these sumptuous and relaxing videos, Sukaishi reveals bold, new, essential knowledge of deep meditation — that you never heard before.

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