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This Lesson will introduce you to the OJAYA Deep Meditation Course. Enjoy! — Gary Boucherle, Director of the OJAYA School

Prep Talk 4

OJAYA - the Martial Art of Deep Meditation - the Way of the Lotus-Hearted Hero

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Prep Talk 4 is a longer session than usual, so you’ll want to get extra comfy and cozy when you sit to watch. Here we’ll check out many different ideas that people today have about meditation.

You see, a lot of diverse ideas are floating out there about what meditation actually IS. There are so many techniques taught to the general public, yet most of these methods have become tangled, confused, and greatly tarnished over the centuries.

People everywhere today complain that they can’t get their mind to settle down in their meditations. But true meditation is never a chore or a struggle! Strain in meditation is a sign of improper technique.

True meditation is simple, easy, and very powerful a relaxing, soothing, and blissful break from today’s hectic lifestyles

True meditation polishes and empowers your consciousness more and more as the benefits add up over days and weeks and months.

Many methods taught today are modern-day adaptations that claim to originate from Buddha’s teachings. These include vipassana, mindfulness practices, “insight meditation,” and various breathing meditations. But Buddha gave a warning about his techniques long ago …

So let’s look around and see what meditation methods are being taught out there. We’ll then begin to better understand and appreciate how the OJAYA teachings offer us a fresh, authentic knowledge of deep meditation — newly reawakened from the ruins of time.



With OJAYA, you surf the waves of your consciousness.

— Watch —
Prep Talk 4

The Lost Teachings of
Deep Meditation, Reawakened
from the Ruins of Time

50 minutes

Q & A

A Mindful Question

Sukaishi, I was very curious when you said, “Depth of consciousness has nothing to do with all your efforts to be mindful of the present moment.”

Can you explain that a bit more?

Ah, there’s “mindfulness” — and then there’s right mindfulness.

Right mindfulness is exquisitely deep, blissful, effortless awareness — which is exactly what we are going to learn on this Course.


Young Man meditates on the River Ganges

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